Global warming and climate change. Poor naming causes poor reactions.

Global warming is often used to describe the impact of us releasing in the atmosphere too many bad things.
 The word is very bad because and in our everyday life it's not getting warmer. It's getting upset.
It's hard to stand up against something you don't notice much.
People say on TV that if hearth takes 2 more degrees, we'll all have terrible lives. Unfortunately, the world is still amazingly beautiful even if we're dangerously close to this.
Moreover, the word is so general that it does not make us engaged. Global warming is a global problem, not ours.

Climate change is also often used.
And it's very bad too. Indeed, it's weak, vague, intangible, unstoppable.
When I hear we need to fight "climate change" the first thing coming to my mind is "oh looks very big, where do we start, how does it work? Will my poor effort change something?... and something to what?"

Easy to finger point. Now, what would be the right names?
Something ta…

Feeling perfectly safe. Ever experienced? You should. It's beautiful. #Japan

Coming back from Japan, I realised that what I like the most in this country is that I feel safe.
When I'm there, I disconnect a lot of natural protection reflex.
I start being confident on the fact that other humans are...good and don't have bad intentions.
This is a very very agreeable sensation. It's like the final stage of humanity.

I don't check if my phone is still in my pocket every minute.
I don't check who's behind me.
I don't check if my bag zippers are well zipped.
I know I don't have to negotiate any price. The price is the price.
I can let my bag in lockers without being afraid a guy will break the locker and take the stuff.
I can let my shoes without surveillance outside of temples, restaurants.
Mailboxes don't have lockers sometimes.
Bikes have locks, but you don't  have to carry a huge "U" lock, the locks are light.
You can go diving in the sea and let your stuff without surveillance.
And in the countryside, they rarely…

Since you were born, do cars, planes and trains go faster? No!

For 32 years... (my age)

- the train from Paris to my hometown goes the same speed,
- cars speed limits are the same,
- planes speed is around 700/800 km/h,
- only high speed trains are going slightly faster.

Is it serious?

For one generation we did not improved transportation speed and continue to let humanity burn dozens of hours in transport.
I can't believe we face any serious bottlenecks.

So what?

Remembering dreams: a way to add 2 more hours of fun per day (or 6 years of fun per life) !

We sleep and dream hours a day. Usually we sleep around 6 or 7 hours and dream 2 hours a night.

Imagine you remember what you dream about, every day, during the 6 years you spend dreaming in your lifespan (according to Wikipedia, I did not do the math).
Imagine the richness of experience, of leanings, of fun, of thrill!!

Imagine if you can go beyond and control barely what happen during you dream. 2 hours per day of virtual reality...

Our tiny mailbox are anachronistic! Please do something mailbox makers and building owners

We are in 2017.
We already order most of the stuff we don't eat on Amazon and other e-commerce players.
Soon, we'll do the same with what we eat. I already know an early adopter friend doing it.
And our mailboxes are still tiny cubes with a little whole made to put paper.
I guess it's the same format for centuries.

And - for those who live in a flats in France - the mailbox not accessible from DHL, UPS and co. Only La Poste, the formerly state owned postal service has the privilege to enter inside the building where mailboxes are.
Workaround people do: delivering stuff at work.
This is not too bad, except you then have to commute with your stuff (and go dinner with your stuff if you planned to go dinner).

So what we need:
- a bigger mailbox
- a secured one (I'm sure a mailbox stealing will raise with the raise of e-commerce)
- a one accessible from all the delivery vendors, 24/7.
and if possible, let's dream a bit:
- a one composed of several sub-boxes: one for let…

We value what happened but what did not happened has tremendous value too

Hitler was defeated by the Allies. Cesar became the Roman Emperor.  Steve Jobs released the iPhone. You resigned from this job. You participated in this marathon. You successfully run this meeting. You split with this person, kissed this person. 
We care what happened. It makes the History.  It makes the history of our lives. And we forget what did not happen, what was avoided, what would have been disastrous or amazing if... BUT did not happened.
Isn't it equally important?

Avoiding a war, avoiding destabilising a country, avoiding a terrorist attack.The result is that life of people continued as usual.

Avoiding the explosion of a team due to personal conflicts, convincing a person to not quit.
Result is business as usual but nothing happened.

Avoiding dating someone while you’re engaged,  avoiding breaking up with your wife because of a stupid dispute, avoiding being rude with your girl/boyfriend.
Nothing happened in your couple. People praise the longevity of it.

Nothing happe…

Problem is not the huge time spent on mobile & social media, it's that you make NOTHING on it

How many time per day do you spend making things vs consuming things?
On Insta, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Slack, Outlook, Youtube, we mostly consume. Passively. Tapping, long tapping or double tapping to like, love, thumb up.
What do we make, create? Almost nothing. What do we build? Almost nothing. Yes There are debates about the time spent on phones, online, on social media. I recently posted an article about it.
But maybe the debate is not here. Maybe the right question is time you spend making, creating, building VS consuming. If you spend 98% of your time consuming, you should maybe step back and think a bit about the meaning of our finite life.
Guys spending hours on Facebook defending a cause, raising money, writing amazing stuff should not be put on the same bucket as people spending hours on Facebook watching cat videos.